Dark And Dancey Folk Punk From YYC.

Solomon & Lang are a hard-hitting alternative folk / folk-punk ensemble fueled by whiskey and feelings, delivering dark and soulful music infused with catchy, memorable songwriting. Marrying emotional, energetic performances with original lyricism that evokes a tortured and sobering reality, Solomon & Lang lay it all bare for their audience.

Formed originally as an acoustic duo, mid-2018 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Mike Ackman and Madison Ringuette brought together their unique, contrasting styles to create a fresh combination perhaps more powerful and deliciously satisfying than even chocolate & peanut butter. After cutting their teeth at local venues, the pair recorded their debut EP “Duo” in late 2018, featuring four original songs and two exciting covers. In early 2019, the group evolved, bringing in talented local musicians Jeremy Price and Jayden Walker to expand their offering with smooth bass and heavy drums, respectively. Now, as a four-piece band with a larger-than-ever sound that retains all the chilling personality of the original concept, Solomon & Lang are growing their audience and working towards the release of a full-length, entirely original album in late 2020.

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